WIAL USA Community of Practice Q3FY22


Philippe John Rion, MBA

WIAL USA Community of Practice on September 12th, 2022  –  Philippe John Rion, MBA, will present the featured topic, “Selling Action Learning in 7 Questions.”

Mr. Rion, CEO of Quest,  provides organizational and leadership consulting services to help companies find solutions to the multiple, complex problems by using their in-house expertise and skills. He is also teaches management and sales at EduServices, MBWay Business School which is located in Bordeaux, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France.  He is also WIAL France Vice President the CEO of Action Learning Partners SAS which is WIAL affiliate for France. A member of WIAL France since 2020, he has quickly seen the power and draw of Action Learning.  We are excited hear him present on a topic within his specialty.

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