Official USA Affilliate, WIAL USA

Committee Objective Director
Administrative Develop policies and procedures that will maximize the value for the WIAL USA Affiliate members by ensuring that services are provided to recipients in a timely, professional manner. Dave Troupe
Coaches Community of Practice The WIAL-USA Coaches Community of Practice Committee identifies and meets the needs of Certified Action Learning Coaches along with those interested in becoming certified coaches. This committee connects with the coaching community to foster a sharing forum of learning and knowledge. Our chief task is to provide a virtual Community of Practice (CoP) sesssion on a quarterly basis which features Coaches from around the globe. In addition to featured guest speakers, these sessions offer coaches the opportunity to network with other professionals. Finally, we aim to keep Coaches apprised of upcoming events and resources offered by WIAL to support coaches and ensure positive impact. Craig Filipkowski
Marketing Develop WIAL-USA Marketing strategy and develop Marketing support programs and tools in alignment with WIAL-Global practices. Alfonso Gonzalez Montesinos
Learning Solutions Primary function is to identify opportunities for WIAL Action Learning solutions globally and throughout the country. Eric Zabiegalski

Seeking committee members with tech experience in social media and website design.