Committee Objective Owner/Director
Administrative  Dave Troupe
Coaches Community of Practice  The WIAL-USA Community of Practice (CoP) Committee  identifies and meets the needs of certified Action Learning Coaches and those interested in becoming certified coaches.  The CoP Committee connects coaches (and those interested) and fosters a learning and knowledge sharing forum. We meet virtually on a quarterly basis and have grown to include coaches from around the globe. We invite guest speakers, offer a coaches corner as well as try and keep the community apprised of events/information about WIAL.  Finally, we are  also accountable for measuring (quantitative and qualitative data) the efforts of the CoP in supporting coaches to ensure positive impact. Stephanie Cosgrove
Conference Responsible for all aspects of the WIAL-USA conference. N/A
Marketing Develop WIAL-USA Marketing strategy and develop Marketing support programs and tools in alignment with WIAL-Global practices. Alfonso Gonzalez Montesinos
Solutions Primary function is to identify opportunities for WIAL Action Learning solutions globally and throughout the country. Eric Zabiegalski