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WIAL Action Learning Benefits


Breakthrough Problem Solving

We help organizations boost business performance, achieve a substantial return on investment (ROI) and improve capability. Our breakthrough problem solving services help identify and understand the heart of your issue. Through exploring solutions and navigating through stalled decision making; your business can discover the best resolution.

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Learning Organization

In the highly competitive, rapidly changing environment of the 21st century, organizations must continually learn and improve.

WIAL has developed a Learning Organization (LO) model that incorporates the five systems: Learning, Organization, People, Knowledge and Technology. The WIAL LO model has been successfully implemented in corporations around the world including Boeing, Accenture, Samsung, Federal Express, and Alcoa.

Action Learning is the key tool in building a Learning Organization. The WIAL LO Instrument, tested and validated, can be used to assess your organization’s current capability to learn.

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High Performing Teams

Action Learning develops powerful work teams that perform quickly with strong norms and cohesiveness. Each time an Action Learning team meets, it improves its problem solving capabilities. The Action Learning process enables teams to build shared commitment to team goals. Meanwhile, encouraging creativity in challenging assumptions leading to breakthrough problem-solving.

Action learning has the unique ability to generate powerful teams in every culture and across cultures. Companies around the world, including Microsoft, Samsung, and Siemens, have marveled at the speed and potency of teams created from the WIAL Action Learning methodology.

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Leadership Development

Want to learn how you can refine your program with minimal investment? WIAL can incorporate Action Learning into your existing leadership/talent/management development/innovation programs without too much re-structuring and additional investment.
Our powerful process helps build your team’s capacity to resolve complex challenges and develop leadership skills needed by twenty-first-century managers. We help learners to think differently and identify the true challenges aimed at building sustainable solutions in real time.

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Community Impact

WIAL helps to create a better world by supporting organizations that make a positive social impact. Through the delivery of pro-bono coaching and grant funding to non-profits, social enterprises and other purpose-driven organizations, we contribute to positive outcomes globally. 


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