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CoP Q1FY21
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Innovation & Results

-Enhance business performance
-Rapidly solve problems
-Create innovative solutions
-Achieve significant ROI
-Build organization capability
-Manage change

Innovation & Results Focused Service:
CoP Q4FY21
Community of Practice
Community of Practice

Aiding the Development of Hardiness

featuring Eduardo S. Rodela, MSW, Ph.D.

Action Learning: Aiding the Development of Hardiness
-A Stress Resilience Resource-

featuring Eduardo S. Rodela, MSW, Ph.D.

March 14, 2022
1:00pm – 2:30pm Eastern Time- USA

Community of Practice

Save the Date & Time, March 14th @ 1 pm EST. Registration begins soon!

Save the Date & Time, Registration begins soon!


-Enhance business performance
-Rapidly solve problems
-Create innovative solutions
-Achieve significant ROI
-Build organization capability
-Manage change

Virtual Action Learning Course
Action Learning Certification Course
March 29- April 1, 2022
Join us virtually!
Bea Carson
Bea Carson, MALC
WIAL USA…Value Added!


-Solve REAL Problems
-Develop Exemplary Leaders
-Cultivate High Permance Teams
-Transform Organizational Culture


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Connect with the World….an International Organization

Connect with WIAL USA and…

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Develop Exemplary Leaders

Leaders are navigating the unchartered waters of an increasingly virtual, uncertain and disrupted world. Conventional leadership was about using power, command, control and knowing the answers to drive performance – and it no longer works. Great leadership about asking empowering questions, listening to really understand, taking collaborative action and winning hearts & minds.

Develop High Performance Teams

Action Learning Helps Teams:
-Dramatically enhance team performance -Develop positive, mutually-respectful working relationships with co-workers at all organizational levels -Develop individual and team problem-solving and decision-making capability -Enhance capability to reflect on and learn from collective experience -Develop awareness in the context of multi-cultural diverse teams -Continually monitor and enhance team functions

Transform Organizational Culture

Great organization culture drives business success. The challenge is creating positive culture that truly aligns people with business strategy and wins hearts and minds. Culture transformation is the catalyst to business success.

Impact Your Community

WIAL helps to create a better world by supporting organizations that make a positive social impact. Through delivery of probono coaching and grant funding to non-profits, social enterprises and other purpose-driven organizations, we contribute to positive outcomes globally. Learn more about some of the projects and organizations supported.

Breakthrough Problem Solving and Business Results

Our disrupted, challenging and opportunity-rich environment demands a radically different mindset from the past to deliver desired results Problem-solving and business strategy that is flexible, agile, engaging and innovative is a critical requirement. ​