About Us

Official USA Affiliate, WIAL USA


Our mission is to unleash capacity and capability for success by generating powerful solutions to complex problems through Action Learning.


Our vision is for Action Learning to be the method of choice for solving problems in organizations, and for the WIAL method of Action Learning Coach training to be the standard of training by which all other methods of action learning are measured.

 Listen to our founders discuss the beginning of The World Institute of Action Learning in 2006.  As an official affiliate, we are strongly connected to our global parent, WIAL. 


The World Institute for Action Learning-USA (WIAL-USA) is an official affiliate of WIAL and has been incorporated since 2011. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to the growth and advancement of Action Learning in business and government.

Simply put, WIAL-USA solves problems, cultivates productive teams, and builds leaders in real time. As organizations face new and increasing pressures, Action Learning is more relevant than ever as an effective solution for solving complex problems and building strong working teams.  Additionally, WIAL-USA promotes Action Learning through forums, certification workshops, professional coaching, research, thought leadership, publications, and other initiatives.

The Six Components of Action Learning

Companies as diverse as Microsoft, Samsung, Dow, GE, Deutsche Bank, Boeing, Sodexho, Novartis, Nokia and many others use Action Learning to solve complex problems, develop leaders, build teams, and expand corporate capability. Action Learning is employed at government, non-profit and non-governmental organizations such as the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the American Red Cross, The McKay Foundation and the Fairfax County Public School System in Virginia, which is the 13th largest school district in the United States.