Eduardo Rodela

Q & A-Action Learning: Aiding the Development of Hardiness -A Stress Resilience Resource-

Eduardo Rodela
Eduardo Rodela, MSW, Ph.D.

Join  Eduardo S. Rodela, MSW, Ph.D. to revisit his featured topic, “Action Learning Aiding the Development of Hardiness: A Stress Resilience Resource.” This topic was originally presented at the WIAL USA Community of Practice on March 14th, 2022.  A recording will be shown and followed by a discussion of the topic.

You’ll receive an email with a Zoom link the night before the session. If you are seeing this advertisement the day of the event, email or call WIAL USA’s VP, Craig Filipkowski, or 513-520-9639, and he will provide a link to you.

Dr. Rodela retired from serving as a consultant with the Environmental Protection Agency. Providing executives with feedback and action planning, his expertise is in the area of self-leadership and work group engagement. He also has served as a supervisor in the Readjustment Counseling Center at the Audie Murphy Medical Center in San Antonio, Texas. Additionally, he chaired a national work group on Latino Vietnam veterans. Dr. Rodela is certified in Action Learning, the Multi-Health System Emotional Intelligence assessment, and the Birkman Relationship and Vocational Interest assessment. Finally, a strong applied research background has supported his work for individual and work team change.

Dr. Rodela has been affiliated with WIAL USA since 2015 and has been an active member of this Community of Practice. We are excited hear him present on a topic within his specialty. You may find out more information about that specialty on his website: .


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