2018 WIAL-USA Conference


Important Forum Format Change October 22, 2018 — Seattle, Washington We have some great news for action learning coaches and those who want to learn more about action learning! We have redesigned this year’s Forum to provide the highest value possible. We believe the highest value means getting the most learning for the time and money spent.You can’t afford to miss this. On October 22, 2018 we are bringing Dr. Relly Nadler and Dr. Michael Marquardt together to offer some of the best information to enhance your understanding and practice of action learning. Addressing the theme of Energizing Engagement through Action Learning, Dr. Nadler will bring to you his rich and deep background in experiential learning, master-level coaching, and emotional intelligence. Dr. Marquardt, arguably the world’s foremost action learning coach, will demonstrate an action learning session that deals with a real-life issue in real-time. More than that, he will interact with you, the observer, and address your questions and curiosity. Now for the rest of the good news: We are offering this half-day program as both an in-person event in the Seattle area AND a web-based, streamed experience. The program will start at 8:00 AM and end at 12:00 PM Pacific. Cost for attending in person is $129.00, while the cost for enjoying online from anywhere in the world is $99.00. Don’t delay. Go now to the registration page and sign up. Do it before September 30, 2018 and save over 20%! ($103.00 to attend in person, $79.00 to participate online) We look forward to being with you on October 22!  

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Reldan NadlerDr. Nadler is the author of many books on leadership and team performance. He is a Master Certified Executive Coach (MCC) who has coached and helped thousands of leaders and is a senior faculty member of The College of Executive Coaching, one of the oldest coaching schools. Relly has spent many years in the world of experiential learning and is an expert in applying emotional intelligence tools to business objectives and leadership development.  

Bea Carson

Dr. Carson is the President of WIAL and is a Master Action Learning Coach (MALC). She has extensive experience in teaching and training the WIAL method of action learning. Her insights and rich narratives offer learners the very best tapestry of knowledge and it is her vision that fuels the growth of WIAL-USA.  

Dr. MarquardtDr. Marquardt is instrumental in developing the WIAL method of action learning. He has written many books on action learning and is one of the world’s foremost and proficient practitioners. It could be argued that Michael is the most competent professional in the arena of action learning.


David Troupe, CALC

Conference Chair


Micaela "Mickey" Elizondo

Conference Co-Chair