Advanced Business Development Workshop 2023-24

Advanced Business Development Workshop

THE CHALLENGE: Get the assistance via the AL process you need to see an even greater return on your investment.  Develop a business model that allows for a significant percent of your income from using action learning methods.
THE OPPORTUNITY: Continue to build confidence and competence to use action learning and make it a significant portion of your annual revenue. The suggested solutions in this workshop empower coaches to increase their revenue from AL program design, development, and delivery.
BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT (BD) WORKSHOP: This workshop uses the structure of the AL design to encourage the development of powerful business development strategies that are customized for each participant’s business challenges. It also serves as a support network emotional encouragement and collaboration.
o Workshop Size: 5-6 minimum/maximum size
o Frequency of Meeting (via Zoom): Monthly
o Session Length: 2.5 hours
o Program Length: Participants commit to 6 months of attendance (require 50% advanced payment). New participants can be added as participants dropout or graduate from the process.
o Starting month: November, 2023 (Specific dates of service TBD based on participant and coach schedules.)
o Program Format

  • Short “TED” talk presentation of relevant content may be provided by both program trainers or program
  • Followed by multiple problem AL with participants sharing time to present personal business development goals with the team and applying AL principles and methods to develop and implement individualized BD plans.

o Participant Audience: Expected to have completed the WIAL training (may still be in process of certification).
o Fee Structure: $900 (USD) for 6 monthly sessions- This fee is designed to encourage regular attendance and affordability. Our chief goal is to support WIAL’s mission in service of our growing AL Coaching Community.
o Staffing: These will be convened based on demand and participants’ availability.  These cohorts will be led by Dr. Skipton Leonard, MALC.

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